“Indian community in Ethiopia has been at the centre of India-Ethiopia relations,” Says President Kovind
October 5, 2017

The President of India, Shri Ram Nath Kovind, addressed an Indian community reception in Addis Ababa yesterday (October 4, 2017) hosted by the Ambassador of India to Ethiopia, Shri Anurag Srivastava.

Speaking on the occasion, the President said Indian community in Ethiopia has been at the centre of India-Ethiopia relations. As teachers and educators they have given a helping hand to nation building in their host country. As entrepreneurs, they have created economic opportunities and imparted skills to local people. As tech-professionals and workers they have added value to Ethiopian Industry. With hard work and dedication, the Indian community has built respect for itself within Ethiopian society. And yet it has retained and carried forward Indian values, family traditions and work ethic while adapting very well to this adopted home.

The President said that Ethiopia, like India, is a land of diversity, of multiple languages and varied cuisines; of music, dance and drama. The Indian community here must take advantage of the local eclectic culture as well as showcase and share our own cultural diversity.

The President said both India and Ethiopia have large young populations. The youth are the future, and it is from them that new ideas would come. He advised the Indian community to make special efforts to connect with Ethiopia’s youth. He stated that this would help them germinate their ideas to provide solutions for a better world, be it tacking climate change or skilling people.

The President said the Government of India seeks sustained and proactive engagement with our overseas community. The purpose of this engagement is to provide an opportunity to familiarise the community with transformational changes taking place in India. The dialogue with the diaspora is also aimed at shaping possibilities and platforms through which it can participate in India’s growth and development.

The President said the Government of India cares for the overseas Indian community and keeps its promise to stand by them. He referred to efforts made to evacuate Indian citizens from Yemen (as part of Operation Rahat in 2015) and Libya, or more recently help individuals and families during the floods in parts of the United States.

The event in Addis Ababa was attended by some 500 members of Ethiopia’s Indian community. The Indian community is spread all over the country and is 5,000 strong.

(Source: PIB)

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