Ambassador of Egypt Wael Hamed inaugurates event on ‘Global South’

Ambassador of Egypt to India, Wael Hamed on March 6, inaugurated “The Voice of the Global South Week”, organized by the Jindal Center for the Global South (O.P. Jindal Global University) in collaboration with the University’s India Institute and the Center for the Global South. The event focused on a number of topics related to the Global South, including Geopolitics and International relations impact on the Global South, Sustainable Development in the Global South, South-South Cooperation and Regional Integration, and the Role of the Emerging Economies in the Global Order.

An Exhibition was held to inaugurate the event, displaying the University’s students awareness of the challenges facing the Global South and the best practices adopted by Developing Countries to address these challenges through developmentally and environmentally sound initiatives. The history and developments of collaboration between Egypt and India, as two leading countries in advancing the interests of the Global South, were highlighted, including the recent high-level exchanges and the growing Strategic Cooperation between both countries.

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