Big win for African films at 13th ART&TUR – International Tourism Film Festival

The 13th edition of ART&TUR – International Tourism Film Festival successfully concluded recently, with the screening of several impressive and notable tourism films from all across the globe. In the annual competitive festival, which took place from October 20 to 23, 2020, in Viseu, Portugal, African Films won several coveted awards. Winners were announced on the final day of the festival and were selected by an eminent jury. The International Jury consisting of 31 experts in tourism, film, marketing and communication from 19 countries (Portugal, Spain, Italy, India, Canada, Netherlands, Poland, Croatia, Ireland, Latvia, Lithuania, Japan, South Africa, Brazil, Chile, Iran, Indonesia, Philippines and Mauritius).

Entry form Lesotho “From Trash to Treasure: Turning negatives into positives” won three awards in the festival – and was adjudged as the Best Documentary, Best Short Doc Up to 30’ as well as won first prize in Social Responsibility category.  Directed by  Lara Lee, the film shows how in Lesotho, with few resources, hard work, imaginations and the right attitude, people can transform and create products, houses, musical instruments, bicycles, and also their environment. The film profiles a variety of local inventive creators, introducing viewers to a fascinating cast of local residents who are using art as a means of communicating a communal desire for positive change.

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Entry form Mozambique, “Our Gorongosa” won first  prize in the category – Preservation of Biodiversity. The film is about Gorongosa National Park in Mozambique which has become one of Africa’s most celebrated wildlife restoration stories. Directed byJames Byrne this 2019 film, shares the inspiring story of how Gorongosa is becoming a new model for wildlife conservation and community development. By bringing large-scale, long-term health care, agriculture support, and girls’ education to surrounding communities, Gorongosa is redefining the identity and purpose of this national park. The film is an attept to create awareness for a new model for wildlife conservation and community development.

Other notable winners from Africa included, film “Mzansea” which won two first prizes in the categories of Destinations-Countries and Social Responsibility; “Welcome to Khayelitsha”, which won the 2nd prize in the Cultural Tourism category and “Love Hermanus” which won a 2nd prize in the category “Film Locations”.

“Mzansea” was produced in 2018 as part of a communications strategy to help motivate for the declaration of South Africa’s 20 new proposed Marine Protected Areas. Directed by Dr Otto Whitehead, “Mzansea” is a message of hope and diversity, and celebrates the treasures of South Africa’s oceans. For more than a decade, South African scientists have been researching and designing a new network of Marine Protected Areas (MPAs) to protect the critical parts of our oceans for future generations.

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Established in 2008, the ART & TUR Festival showcases best audio-visual tourism productions made in Portugal and in the world. From 2018 onwards, the ART & TUR Festival is held in the Centro Region, with a roaming character covering the various municipalities of the Center of Portugal.

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