Tanzania best international wildlife destination: Outlook Traveller Award 2020

United Republic of Tanzania, the beautiful east African nation has been adjudged as the best international wildlife destination by Outlook Traveller Award 2020. The award was presented to the ambassador of Tanzania in India H.E Baraka H. Luvanda. While receiving the award Ambassador H.E Baraka H. Luvanda said, “Let me on behalf of the Government and the people of the United Republic of Tanzania express our profound appreciations and the overwhelming joy to the Jury of the Outlook Traveller Award 2020 for choosing Tanzania as the Best International Wildlife Destination. We are humbled by this gesture of acknowledgement. We are equally heartened for this special recognition. In fact, we cannot express our sense of appreciation enough.”

He shared that through this award by Outlook Traveller magazine, more people will be able to know about destination Tanzania and what it has to offer to a wide spectrum of clientele as one of Africa’s leading travel destination. He was hopeful that the award will have a catalytic effect on tourism in Tanzania.

“As a country, we have resolved to continue to conserve nature for our flora and fauna without compromise and many for years to come. We will continue to inspire others to follow suit as the migration of wild animals does not observe boundaries,” he shared.

According to the tourism statistics bulletin 2018, India ranked among the top 10 in the share of international visitor arrivals from overseas countries to Tanzania by the year 2016-2018 after USA and Germany. “We believe that after the introduction of the Air Tanzania flights from Dar es salaam to Mumbai in July last year, the numbers will double or triple. And I wish to encourage those of you who have not been to Tanzania to come and see for yourselves,” the ambassador said.

Key facts about Tanzania:

  • Tanzania is home to Kilimanjaro, the highest mountain in Africa and the highest free standing mountain in the world;
  • Tanzania is home to Serengeti, which turns out to be a home to the world’s greatest animal migration;
  • Tanzania is home to the Spice Island of Zanzibar;
  • Tanzania has some of the most beautiful white sandy and unspoilt beaches;
  • Tanzania is home to more than 22 national parks;
  • It boasts of being one of the most peaceful destinations in the African continent and it is well known as the African Haven of Peace, Tanzania has diverse cultures with more than 120 tribes who speak different languages but united by one language KISWAHILI and a rich history;
  • Tanzania is home to 20% of the African continent’s large mammals;
  • Tanzania is home to NGORONGORO Crater also known as the EDEN OF AFRICA and 8th wonder of the world;
  • Tanzania is home to Olduvai Gorge and LAITOLI, the place where it is said that the first man made his first steps;
  • Tanzania is home to the great lakes LAKE VICTORIA, the large tropical lake in the world and Lake Tanganyika the 2nd deepest fresh water lake in the world;
  • Tanzania is home to seven UNESCO world heritage sites.

(Photo Credit: Embassy of Tanzania facebook page)

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