Indian Manufacturers Look to Zambia for Lithium Supply

India’s Society of Manufacturers of Electric Vehicles (SMEV) says it will soon dispatch a delegation to Zambia to look at the prospects of investing in the country owing to the growing demand for electric vehicles.

Speaking during a meeting with Zambia Acting High Commissioner to India, Deliwe Mumbi, SMEV Secretary General Ajay Sharma said Indian companies involved in the manufacturing of electric vehicles are looking for sustained supply of lithium as the main raw material.

Sharma said the Society is also looking forward to getting a catalogue of investment opportunities in Zambia on a win-win basis through partnerships. 

“We are looking at the date on which we can organise a visit to Zambia so that we can collaborate in terms of investments and ensure that we have a sustained supply of the raw materials. We would like to have details on the potential investments because this is going to be a win-win situation and how we collaborate is important,” Sharma said.

Zambian acting High Commissioner, Mumbi said Zambia is well-positioned in the revolution of green energy through the manufacturing of electric vehicles because its lithium resource and that partnering with India is important because the two countries enjoy excellent long standing bilateral and multilateral relations premised on a history of friendship and mutual respect. 

“In terms of the manufacturing of electric vehicles, India stands out and we are looking forward to partnering in terms of resources and technology. When you invest in our country, you are assured of a readily available market not only for Zambia, but for eight other countries that surround us.

“We are a peace loving country.  Since we got independence, we have never had civil unrest and so, your investment is safe in Zambia. The minerals you mentioned are readily available in Zambia and we have other resources available such as vast pieces of land with so much potential in that area,” Mumbi said.

She said the Mission will be readily available to facilitate whatever the Society wants as it plans to visit Zambia.

“It is important that you visit the country so that you see for yourself what is available. Once you are ready, we can arrange for meetings with various stakeholders starting with the Zambia Development Agency (ZDA) which is the entry point,” she said.

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